10 SAFETY TIPS TO BE FINE IN BRAZIL! How to Stay Safe in Brazil? Safe to Travel Alone? Tourists Scam

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In this channel you will find everything if you’re planning a trip to Brazil! What to see in Brazil? where to go? is Brazil expensive? is Brazil safe? How long to spend in each city? what language speak in Brazil? and more: tours, food, fruits, shopping, sightseeing, things to do….

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Some people say the biggest concern they have about coming to Brazil is about Safety. When they talk about travel to Brazil specially big cities like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro they first think: is Brazil Safe? What can I do to be Safe in Brazil? Or What is dangerous about travelling in Brazil? So in this video I´m gonna give 10 safety tips to travel to Brazil!

Ah guys, when I say safe, i also mean don´t be a victim of tourists scams and things like this!
By the end of the video you will know if brazil is safe for tourists, and another comum question: if it´s safe to travel alone!

10 SAFETY TIPS TO BE FINE IN BRAZIL! Is Brazil Dangerous? How to be Safe in Brazil?
In this channel we give a lot of tips about food and drinks to try in brazil, fruits to try in brazil, what to eat, what to see, history, vocabulary, culture, and so on!

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