20 Things To Know BEFORE Coming To Australia 🇦🇺 (Tips For Travelling East Coast Australia)

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Planning on travelling East Coast Australia?
Well here are 20 things to know before coming to Australia – so you can avoid the mistakes and make the most of your time down under!

I’ve spent heaps of time travelling Australia over the last 10 years and have picked up plenty of tips for travelling Australia.

So whether you’re backpacking East Coast Australia or are busy planning your dream trip here are 20 things to know before you go!

From not under estimating distances between destinations to goon hangovers and internal flights – these 20 things to know before travelling Australia will help you make the most of everything Oz has to offer!

So if you’re travelling to Australia things to know that I run through in this video include:

✅ Tips for travelling East Coast Australia
✅ Travel times and distances
✅ Australia backpacking tips
✅ Goon – and why it’s your new best friend and worst enemy!
✅ Savings money on your trips and tours
✅ Finding the best accomodation
✅ Not missing out on all the best activities
✅ Preparing for the weather

Basically it’s packed full of tips for travelling Australia and loads of info for backpacking Australia!


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0:00 Things To Know Before Coming To Australia
0:50 Oz is BIG!
1:34 GOON!
2:20 Bus Options
2:56 Western Australia
3:39 Byron Bay
4:06 The Hidden Gem
4:33 Fraser Island & Whitsundays
5:24 Hostel Life
5:54 Budgetting
6:32 Working Holiday Visas
7:00 Tax & Superannuation
7:19 Tourist Visas
7:42 Aussie Winter
8:17 Roadtrips!
8:49 Internal Flights
9:35 Save On Tours
10:21 Top Tours
10:54 Scuba Diving
11:21 Save on Accomodation
11:57 FREE BBQs!


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