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“You know those moments when driving and music become one? They’re special.” – Hannah Wants, DJ. Car or studio, every journey in Jaguar I-PACE is what you make it. Connect with Jaguar: Website:​ Facebook: [More]
I combined 2 of Journey’s lead vocalists, Arnel Pineda and Steve Perry.
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Harry & Meghan! An African Journey! Documentary 2019 My Review! #princeharry #duchessmeghan #anafricanjourney
We continue with the eighth leg of our journey and this time we start in Rwanda before moving down to Burundi and then on to Tanzania.
► Label: Romantic Drama, Love, Idol Drama, Chinese Drama ► Drama Playlist: ► Synopsis: The online art dealer is happy (Chen Xiang), talented, hot outside and hot inside. Although his parents have accumulated “billions [More]
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“Something that I’ve always noticed about you is that you are a storyteller.” – my therapist Storytelling, connecting the dots, meaning making, whatever you may call it has always been a part of my healing [More]
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New York University provides resources to help you during your travels, including destination-specific safety awareness briefings prior to departure and real-time monitoring and notification of emerging events to impacted travelers. Created by NYU’s Department of [More]
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How did Pippin survive the car ride from Georgia to California? Quite comfortably! These are our five tips that worked for Pippin (plus some additional Pippin footage) :3 Twitter: @LeCatPippin
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