25 Tricks Travelers Don't Talk About on Social Media

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How to travel cheap? Are you a traveler on a budget and you want to save money while traveling? Or maybe you’re just looking for ways to make traveling more interesting and less stressful? Check out the life hacks and tricks list for travelers we’re ready to share with you!

Wanna know why you shouldn’t bring coffee onboard and choose a 6-bed room in a hostel? Or how you can save a lot of money on public transport, museums, and tourist attractions? Or why it’s better to buy food in a supermarket 2 hours before closing time? Then check out these cool travel tips!

Hammock for your legs 0:20
Don’t bring coffee on board 0:39
Eat something salty 1:04
Run a mini-marathon 2:14
Waterproof your suitcase 2:30
Freebies 2:51
Baggage loss 3:06
Stay in the country of transit 4:08
Learn the phrase “I’m here for work” 5:22
Choose a 6-bed room in a hostel 6:30
Get a new charger at your hotel 6:47

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