3 Places to Travel to Now (no BS guide) ✈️

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Travel is coming back! In this guide, I cover my top places to visit right now. Which one would you visit? Link and more details to everything I talk about in this video: https://sarahfunky.com/travel/2021/05/26/top-3-places-to-travel-right-now-in-2021/

Scottsdale: http://itsthathot.com/
New York City: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WHL4KbOgEE&list=PLobgjLLYZFSU3B-U7ZF8E9n7pk3TY57Fz&
Cape Cod: https://youtu.be/L54KZj58JZQ

NYC tours: https://sarahfunky.com/tours/
NYC itinerary planning: https://sarahfunky.com/itinerary-planning-notify/