30 Quick Tips to Stay Safe While on Vacation

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How to save money while traveling? What is the easiest way to identify your luggage? What to do when your flight is delayed? Long lines that make you late, forgot your wallet when it’s time to pay, your flipflops snapped! Worse if it happens when you’re traveling and far away from home. Sounds familiar? Then check out these tips to get more enjoyment from your next trip.

And first, don’t overspend on tickets! The best time to buy them is about 7 weeks before the trip. If you missed that window, you still have a chance to save since prices can change at any time. Just sign up for email alerts. And don’t buy tickets for Sunday, it’s the most expensive day to fly. But which day is the best for that?

The best day to fly 0:19
Get through security way faster 1:00
Book a seat in the back 1:18
Wear compression socks 1:42
Mark your luggage “Fragile” 2:02
How to avoid theft in a hotel 3:19
A trick for make-up lovers 4:51
How to fit more outfits in your suitcase 5:00
What if your flipflops snapped 5:16
Look for places where the menu is short 6:10
Hide money in a phone case 6:27
What to do with your dirty clothes? 7:12

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