A MISTAKE ALREADY! Trying to make long term VAN LIFE in EUROPE simple… European pet passport 2021??

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A MISTAKE ALREADY! Trying to make our VAN LIFE in EUROPE a bit easier. European pet passport 2021?

So this week our rapid journey down to the south of France in our self converted campervan continues! Van life in Europe is definitely as good as we remember it! We find some of the best French park ups, one by the river, as well as experience some van life in the mountains!

We’d started to forget how amazing it is to drive and travel across Europe in a campervan or motorhome, and we’d also forgotten how easily things can not quite go to plan! But, that’s all part of the adventure right?

Travel vlogging is as fun as we remember it and to make our European travel plans run as smoothly as possible then we needed to try and get European pet passports so we can continue to travel with our dog AJ and our cat Summer, travelling with pets definitely complicates the process now that we’ve left the EU after Brexit! Can we get European passports for our dog and cat??

Find out in this weeks French travel vlog..

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