An East African Journey – Omar Sosa / Réalisation Olivier Taïeb

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An East African Journey
Omar Sosa – Piano
Olith Ratego – Okodo, vocals
Seleshe Damessae – Krar, vocals
Rajery – Valiha, vocals
Steve Argülles – Drims, modular effects, recording and mixing
Christophe Minck – Double bass, moog
Alan Sousa – Percussion
Videography – Igor Juget (recording sessions), Olivier Taïeb
Editing – Daniel Carricaburu, Igor Juget (recording sessions)
Directed by Olivier Taïeb
Post-Production – K-ribu
Interviews translation – Samantha Falandysz
Produced by Noir Bleu Productions
Vidéo Equipement Rental – Loca-Image
Film extracts from ‘Souvenir d’Afrique’ courtesy on Baking Dogs Productions
Thancks to Amos Rozenberg
Recorded at Plushspace, Paris