Antigua Guatemala | Central America Travel Vlog | Things to do, weather, food, and more

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See why Antigua is one of the must-see places in Central America in our travel vlog. A UNESCO world heritage site, for more than 200 years Antigua served as the seat of the military governor of the Spanish colony of Guatemala- a large region that included almost all of present-day Central America. First, we talk about the glorious weather in Antigua and some of the positioning of the city at an elevation of 5029ft. Then we walk to the very heart of Antigua: Parque Central (Central Park) with the fountain of the sirens at its center. Then we take a short walk to the Santa Catalina Arch, arguably the most famous landmark in all of Antigua if not all of Guatemala. The Santa Catalina Arch is not just a pretty tourist attraction, it was originally built with a very specific purpose. After lunch at the delicious Rincón Típico, we have a sweet treat at the Choco Museo (chocolate museum) while learning a little bit about how chocolate is made. Then it’s off to another of Antigua’s famous tourist destinations: the Convent of the Capuchinas (Convento Capuchinas). Like much of the historic city, the Convent of the Capuchinas was damaged during an earthquake many years ago, but it is still the perfect place to escape to when you want some peace and quiet. Lastly, we finish our day with some delicious Guatemalan coffee and catch a procession preparing for the famous Semana Santa. Unfortunately, Semana Santa (holy week) was canceled this year so we feel lucky to have seen this.

We filmed this episode of Antigua Guatemala in March 2020.

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