Artemisโ€™ journey to the Moon starts in Europe with Orion ESM

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From Europe to the Moon, the European Space Agency and Airbus invite you for a glimpse inside our cleanroom and latest updates on ESAโ€™s European Service Module built by Airbus for the NASA Artemis mission.

Join us virtually for a visit at the Airbus cleanroom to see the European Service Modules ESM-2 and ESM-3, parts of Europeโ€™s contribution to the Artemis missions to the Moon.

ESM-2 is nearing completion before extensive testing and transfer to the US later this summer, where the first module, ESM-1, is now in final preparations for its launch on Artemis I, the uncrewed first lunar mission using Orion at the end of 2021.

The second Artemis mission, with ESM-2, will take up to four astronauts on a flyby around the Moon and ESM-3 will take the first humans to land on the Moon since December 1972.

The event is hosted by Andreas Hammer, Head of Space Exploration at Airbus, ESA DG Jan Wรถrner, and ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst.

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