Asian John | Mobile Journey To 10k | + Voice Reveal (10k Subscriber Special)

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Asian John | Mobile Journey To 10k | + Voice Reveal (10k Subscriber Special) Time To Start Tryharding!

“When it comes to hive youtubers, there are few that are better known than Aisan John.” So this video, I will be going back in time and revisiting my journey as a mobile hive YouTuber from 0 subscribers to 10k. I will also be doing my voice reveal later on in the video so make sure to watch the whole video for that!

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I am Asian John I post Mobile/MCPE Hive Skywars content on the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. The Minecraft Bedrock Edition Hive Featured Server is the main server that I play and create content on. I usually play and create content on Hive Skywars but sometimes I play other game modes. I try to post the funniest and highest quality content that I can do, using memes to make my videos funnier or sometimes I do montages of some cool clips of combos or clutches that I do in game. I play on mobile and am pretty good at the game! If you enjoy mobile gameplay go ahead and subscribe! It means a lot I would really appreciate if you subscribed to my channel!

Here are some things you might want to know:

I’m Asian John

My discord: AsianJohn#6529

The Hive Username: ProAsianJohn

The Hive

Bedrock 1.17.10

⬇️Packs Used⬇️

Custom Sky Overlay:

Crosshair Overlay:

North America

⬇️Device Used⬇️
iPad Gen 6

⬇️FOV (Field of view)⬇️

⬇️Button Size⬇️


More In depth:

This video is a thank you for 10k subscribers. Going back in time to see my journey and progression in PvP as a mobile Hive Skywars YouTuber. All the way from 0 subscribers making content on the Minecraft Bedrock Edition server; CubeCraft, to 10k subscribers making mobile skywars content on the Minecraft Bedrock Edition server; The Hive. Being a YouTuber is not an easy thing, especially when you are on mobile. Not many people can get 10k subscribers on mobile, which I did, but also without anyone hearing my voice once. So to thank you guys, I will be doing my voice reveal toward the end of the video. What do I sound like? Watch the video to find out!

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