Beijing Flag Raising Ceremony 北京升旗仪式 – Living Asian (Expat Journey)

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Beijing Flag Raising Ceremony 北京升旗仪式. I got to go on a quick trip to Beijing with CRI Online in May and it was incredible! One of my favorite things we did was the flag raising ceremony at Tiananmen Square. I loved the experience so much and the crazy thing is I got pretty emotional. I couldn’t stop thinking about what a privilege it is to be proud of where you come from. There are so many people around the world without that luxury. We all have many differences and no person or country is perfect, but that shouldn’t stop us from being kind. I hope you enjoy this video! I really loved the experience and I loved putting this video together. Thanks for supporting us and for cheering us on from where ever you are in the world, it means more than you know! Enjoy!

It may seem crazy that we moved our family from the US to China, but we know that after you see our videos you will understand why! China has so many wonderful things to offer and our life here is pretty amazing! Thanks for following along!

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