Canadian cowboy's 15-month South American journey leaves him craving Tim Hortons

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Filipe Masetti Leite completes his horseback journey to the End of the World. Filipe rode 7350 kms in 15 months. The journey took him from Brazil to Patagonia. He went through 120 horseshoes, 4 pairs of boots and 455 days.

For more on Filipe Masetti Leite’s journey visit the Toronto Star: Or read an excerpt of his article below:

Canadian cowboy’s 7,000-kilometre trek through South America comes to an end
The Toronto Star has followed Filipe Masetti Leite’s journey through Latin America on horseback over the past 15 months.

USHUAIA, ARGENTINA—Prior to starting this Long Ride, I had a deep premonition I would die in the saddle.

Nightmares in which I was catapulted off a bridge, hit by speeding cars or lost on the frozen Patagonian highlands, starved and dehydrated, kept me awake for months before my journey began. I never shared these thoughts before because I feared that admission would make them true.

I had already successfully made a much longer journey — 16,000 kilometres from Calgary to Brazil in 2012-14 — but a shadow of fear seemed to loom over me as I planned for this ride through South America.

Then I signed on to support the Barretos Children’s Cancer Hospital and I was able to push off these shadows. The faces of the children I met were beams of light. There was no way I could not go.

So last year, on a sunny and hot April 10, I saddled up my Brazilian mounts, Life and Doll, and, with my childhood friend Mark Maw from Canada driving the support vehicle, we set out from Barretos, Sao Paulo, with more than 7,000 kilometres ahead of us.

Our ride south through Brazil was one huge party. Every day a different rancher welcomed us with meat, beer, whisky and unbelievable gifts: two colts, six knives, 10 cowboy hats, four pairs of boots, too many plaques to count and even a rooster! But the wonderful welcomes I received also made my ride a draining experience. Nearly every night I was in paradise drinking cervejas and telling stories until 2 a.m. Every morning was hell.

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