CAT Journey – why I decided to do an MBA, how did I prepare – from Chhavi Gupta, CAT 100%iler, IIMA

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In this video I talk about why and when I decided that MBA is a good option for me. How I started my CAT preparation journey. What were the different problems I faced and what were the solutions I devised from the same. Will soon post about my mindset on the final exam day.

0:40-Final Year at IIT Delhi
1:30-Decision to take Work Ex
2:30-Getting a call from IIM Bangalore
3:20-CAT 2016
4:30-Plan to take CAT 2017
4:50-When the preparation started
6:00-Managing preparation with Job
6:30-September 2017
7:00-VARC, LRDI & QA
9:20-Discussion with TIME teacher
10:42-CAT Challenger Mock

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