Central Europe by Train: Heidelberg, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Budapest, Prague

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Visiting some of the most interesting cities in Germany, Hungary the Czech Republic and Austria.
Including Heidelberg, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Budapest, Prague.
You will find these fascinating places are loaded with wonderful attractions. We’re presenting a summary of the trip showing you how you can do it. See more information about the tour, which is open to the public, on our website: http://toursbytrain.com/
We love to travel by train in Europe. More comfortable than a bus, less hassles than flying, with lots of nice scenery gliding by.
Another popular way to travel here is the river cruise, but the problem is you only stay in the city for a day or less. So you really don’t see that much on a river cruise.
Traveling by train gives you that flexibility to stay in a city for two or three days, as we do in our trip, producing a more authentic in-depth experience. Jump to city by clicking timecode
-Heidelberg 0:51 -Munich 03:22 -Salzburg 06:19 -Vienna 10:21 -Budapest 15:01 -Prague 22:32
Our hotels on this trip:
Heidelberg: Hotel Hollander Hof 03:01
Munich: Mercure München Altstadt 06:02
Salzburg: Hotel Goldener Hirsch 09:57
Vienna: Hotel Wandl 14:50
Budapest: Sofitel Budapest 21:37
Prague: Hotel Maximillian 29:09