China Covid Vaccine 我们打疫苗了 – Living Asian (Expat Journey)

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China Covid Vaccine 我们打疫苗了. Well, after months and months of trying to get this vaccine it finally happened! We lucked out and didn’t have any side effects after either shot. This kind of thing is always a little hard in China because their systems don’t run the way we are used to but in the end it was quick and easy! Now that we have finished the vaccination process we have a tab on our “healthy QR code” that shows that we have been fully vaccinated. We are hoping that things will get better each day as more people get vaccinated. We were really hoping it would make going to the US easier but as of right now we still aren’t ready to take the risk of going for a visit. But we are still hopeful though! So grateful for modern medicine and the people who worked so hard to make this vaccine available!

It may seem crazy that we moved our family from the US to China, but we know that after you see our videos you will understand why! China has so many wonderful things to offer and our life here is pretty amazing! Thanks for following along!

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