DADA – A European Journey. Cologne

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A town, a shop, an encounter. Every destination along the way is an opportunity to discover Europe and meet the protagonists of Dada’s world. This is where we start.
Cologne, where Dada has opend its first German monobrand store, on 18th January 2011, at the International Furniture Fair, in collaboration with Pfannes&Virnich, the prestigious Cologne design furniture distributor.

Interview with Martin Pfannes
The idea to open a Dada showroom in Colonia came from a project developed with the Molteni Group.
The increased demand for italian kitchens and the growing interest in DADA kitchens, led to the opening of a more spacious showroom.
The best DADA models that we display is InDada line, appreciated by a large german customer, as long as Nuvola and HiLine, that we recognize for their italian design.
Customers who had visited the showroom the first week, they were very impressed and surprised by a high quality and perfect manufacturing process and the used technology.
DADA means perfect design, great qualitative leap, flexibility in execution.