Downgrade at the North American Missions Board | #SBC21

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Downgrade at the North American Missions Board – What is the Gospel They Preach?
My name is Kyle Whitt (, and for the past two years I’ve been working with NAMB to plant a church in Washington state. After hours of research and conversations, I came to the conclusion that NAMB’s church planting arm, the Send Network, is pushing us to teach a false gospel. There are many other serious issues at Send and NAMB, but this video only covers the biggest and most important.

Send Network Values booklet (chapter 7 referenced):

Emails with Dhati Lewis and Restoration and the Three Circles:

I hope to do a livestream to help answer questions/clarify anything I left vague, but below are some quick things.
I accidently call Jesus the little brother of James, but it’s the other way around!
I mentioned that “restoration and the three circles” is found in multiple places on Sends website. This is incorrect, and it seems to only exist in the handout Dhati sent me, as well as in a video he made. It’s “Restoration through the great requirement” that is found in multiple places.
Dhati sent me “restoration and the three circles” with his first email, and linked additional resources in a later email. If it seems that I refer to things that are not directly seen in the text of our emails, it’s because I’m lumping those in as part of the conversation.
I did not mean to imply that Evangelicalism wouldn’t exist without the SBC, but only that the SBC is such a large branch of the evangelical church, both now and historically, that without it, it’s likely that evangelicalism wouldn’t be taken as it’s own category.
“In a lot of ways the SBC is evangelicalism” was partially hyperbolic. Again, the SBC is such a large percentage of evangelicalism in North America, and touches even more, that the direction it moves can have a vast and profound impact on the whole movement.