[Eng Sub] Romantic Love EP01 | A wonderful journey of love【2020 Chinese drama eng sub】

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► Label: Romantic Drama, Love, Idol Drama, Chinese Drama
► Drama Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLphkYhy_dVTKzirwxqKGSK1fpKnabOj8G
► Synopsis:
The online art dealer is happy (Chen Xiang), talented, hot outside and hot inside. Although his parents have accumulated “billions of wealth” for him, he has never been blinded by material, and he has been pursuing his inner painting dream. The genius private cook Yang Xiaorou (Chen Yao), a ghostly spirit, is persistent and strong. She has lost her arrogance for life and walks the rivers and lakes with delicious food to warm people’s hearts. These two young people with very different growth experiences and very different personalities have unexpectedly ushered in a new life mission due to the dispute over the will of the Gao family, and jointly shoulder the heavy responsibility of the second entrepreneurship of the brand restaurant.