Epic PATAGONIAN TRAIN JOURNEY From the ANDES to the SEA! | Argentina by Train (Bariloche to Viedma)

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Today we’re taking you on an epic Patagonian train journey from the Andes Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean! The ‘Tren Patagónico’ or ‘Patagonian Train’ is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of the Patagonian steppe and we did just that on an overnight journey from Bariloche to Viedma.

We learned about the Patagonian train entirely by chance. A few days prior, we had been hanging out at the Bariloche bus terminal, waiting to catch a connecting bus, and because we had a few hours to spare, Sam went for a little walk with his camera in hand. He saw the train station and decided to go snap some photos, and that’s when he learned about this epic train journey that crosses all of Patagonia, from the Andes to the ocean. We just had to do it, and that’s how a few days later, we found ourselves travelling aboard the Tren Patagónico.

The Patagonian Train has 3 classes: First, Pullman and Camarote. First is actually the cheapest class, Pullman is the one we travelled in, and Camarote is the one with private cabins. In this video, we’re going to show you the Pullman class aboard this train.

The Pullman carriage has reclining seats, a fair bit of legroom, and heat or AC depending on the time of year you’re travelling. During high season, they also have a movie carriage that’s available to passengers in Pullman and Camarote, and it has a disco carriage for those who want to dance the night away as the train chugs across the Patagonian steppe.

This Patagonian train travels from the cities of Viedma to Bariloche, and then back again from Bariloche to Viedma on weekends. It usually leaves Viedma on a Friday, and departs Bariloche on a Sunday – but their calendar does have a few exceptions, so it’s best to check your desired on their official website. Our train left at 5:00 pm and we were asked to be there an hour in advance.

Leaving Bariloche, the train makes stops in many small communities along the way including Pilcaniyeu, Comallo, Clemente Onelli, Ingeniero Jacobacci, Maquinchao, Los Menucos, Sierra Colorada, Ministro Ramos Mexia, Nahuel Niyeu, Valcheta, San Antonio Oeste, Winter, Palacios, and lastly in Viedma. Shortly after departing the station in Bariloche, a staff member went across the carriage asking each passenger’s final destination – that way they know to stop for you and potentially wake you up if you’re getting off in the middle of the night.

I have to say, I loved the scenery on this train journey! We got to witness a magical sunset over the Patagonian steppe paired with ever-changing scenery. We even got to see a bit of wildlife – namely, hares, guanacos, sheep, horses and falcons! The fields were washed in gold with the last rays of day, and it was spectacular.

I’ll quickly mention that you also have the option of eating breakfast on the train, but we chose to sleep a bit longer. Breakfast is probably a better idea for those continuing all the way to Viedma, but we got off before that in San Antonio.

And that was our train journey aboard the Tren Patagonico travelling from the mountains to the sea! We hope you guys enjoyed following along and if you have any questions about how to do this rail journey yourself, leave us a comment below and we’ll be sure to answer.

We’ll see you in the next video from the seaside town of Las Grutas. Bye!

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Epic PATAGONIAN TRAIN JOURNEY From the ANDES to the SEA! | Argentina by Train (Bariloche to Viedma):

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