Five Months Traveling in South America

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We spent over 5 months traveling throughout South America, making stops in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and Argentina. We had amazing experiences including going on the Lost City Trek in Colombia, swimming with sea lions in Lima, hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Piccu, hiking the W trek in Torres del Paine, and so many more! When we travel, we try to spend around a month in each country to delve into the culture. Here are some of our highlights from this leg of our travels!


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Traveling is embedded into our relationship as we met on a Spring Break cruise in 2016. Since then, we haven’t stopped traveling together in the United States and abroad. We left New York in July 2019 to travel the world and we took work with us, including starting a travel vlog. We have made it our mission to slow travel for 16 months throughout South America and Asia and to create travel videos along the way.

Traveling Atlas was created to capture our moments of taking risk, building connections, and seeing the world. We will be staying in each country we visit for about a month in order to experience cultures to our maximum capacity and to inspire others that they can do the same. We are Brandon and Erin, follow the journey and stay tuned.