Global Tour 2016 starts its Latin American journey in Colombia!

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Close Global Tour Colombia welcomes its guests! Find out more about Global InterGold Latin America events!

Global Tour 2016 is marching along countries and continents! The splendid Global InterGold Colombia conference attracted hundreds of participant from all over the globe. Not only did they come to share their experience, learn the news of gold business and establish new business contacts, but also to get the well-deserved prizes from Global InterGold Director of Development.

The event took place in the superb Dann Carlton hotel which was enlightened with the smiles of happy guests. All the participants were pleased with a dancing performance by professional artists who mesmerized the audience with their music and garments. The evening reached its heights with a surprise confetti-fountain after the awarding ceremony.

Global Tour 2016 is heading for new destinations! You want to know more about Global InterGold Latin America events and conferences in other countries?

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