Growing a QUARANTINE BEARD even WITHOUT BEARD GENES! | Asian Minoxodil journey 3 month progress!

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It first started with the dream of having a beard. So I tried Minoxodil and tried to document the progress to see if it really works. Now, I never had any growth aside from a mustache and chin hair that can be counted with my fingers. Then I found this product that grows your hair overtime. This is my first official post on Youtube to thank the people that taught me everything about this product. And to share my progress as well for those people who wants to have a beard, or to offer solutions for people who have a patchy beard. This stuff works and this video is a testimony. I’m still waiting for the hairs to turn terminal and I’ll update you guys every 3 months wether it sheds or not. I’m planning to go a full year on this journey and gradually cutting my dependence on Minox. Now there are side effects to consider but from what I’ve experienced , the gains I had far outweighed the side effects. So if you’e still not sure of using Minoxodil to grow a beard or hair on your head consult a doctor. Consider Liking and Subscribing for more videos and I’d gladly address concerns in the comment box. Stay safe!