Hamburg to Copenhagen by Train; Europe by train; Great Railway Journeys; Train Documentary

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Hamburg to Copenhagen by Train; Europe by train; Great Railway Journeys; Train Documentary -Including ferry train Puttgarden to Rodby

Follow the journey by film, photo and music from the incredible Hamburg Hauptbanhof To Copenhagen. The entire train goes on the ferry for the short crossing between Puttgarden and Rodby!

Travel by train to Europe! Watch our video guides to traveling in Europe by train and plan your own train journeys to the continent and the Uk.

Enjoy videos depicting amazing journeys by train on sleeper trains and day trains in countries including the Uk, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Holland and more. You can use our videos and information to help plan your own amazing trip and get an insight into what trains in europe look like and the destinations you can easily get to by train.

Train travel is the most fulfilling and romantic way to go with a whole variety of trains and experiences to make your trip a memorable one. Even if you are going on a holiday taking the train makes a great alternative to flying is much more relaxing plus you get to watch the world go by!
Experience a wide variety of on board dining, buffet cars and night trains in Europe with various sleeping options. Share a compartment with 6 beds or four or travel in bunks for two. If you go first class or deluxe you get a bed to yourself with an en-suite WC and shower! It doesn’t cost the earth too.

If you are planning a rail tour of Europe check out our website which will give information of European rail passes such as Interrail and Eurail allowing you unlimited rail travel in Europe for a defined period in either first or second class. We also have brief video and photographic European city guides of interesting destinations to help you plan your journey.

The videos in our channel are documents of my own personal train journeys in Europe and I hope you enjoy them and find them useful aswell as the information on the website. (the link is at the top of this description and in the videos.

On a final note…why not check out a short film I made about am 18 day trip I made by train from the UK to the Arctic by train and back featuring some nice music recorded on the journey.
You can watch it here:
Train to Scandinavia-

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