How I Learnt DSA and Got Into Amazon | My Learnings | Preparation Strategy

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In this video, I have discussed how I learned Data Structures and Algorithms in college to get selected as an Amazon SDE. How I used Hackerrank, SPOJ, Leetcode, GeeksForGeeks, Interviewbit, Codeforces, and other sites to learn DSA and crack Amazon and other top companies.

I have shared all the learnings that I have accumulated in my coding journey and I hope this will help you in your preparation. I have also touched upon how important competitive programming is for placements and if you need to do it or not.

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Chapters –
00:00 – Intro
00:28 – How I Started DSA
03:45 – Practice Strategy
07:45 – Advanced Data Structures
10:40 – Competitive Programming
13:39 – Placement Strategy
15:30 – Outro

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