How to Plan a Trip for Solo or Group Travel

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Let’s talk about how to plan a trip. Whether you’re going to travel solo or with a group, preparation is key for any trip. Here’s a quick summary of the things I do to plan my trips. Hopefully some of these travel tips will help you out next time you’re making travel plans.

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00:00 – Intro
00:56 – Budget
01:17 – Things to Do
02:57 – Airline Tickets
04:29 – Transportation
05:44 – Renting a Car
07:18 – Where to Stay
08:55 – Meals
10:20 – Packing

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Brady Skye is an American filmmaker, traveler, and tailwheel pilot based in St. Augustine. With a passion for storytelling and the outdoors, his films are mostly travel or aviation related and recently include elements of docu-fiction, adventure, and comedy. Tag along and join the adventure as he explores our beautiful planet on-and-off the beaten path.