How to prepare for IELTS in ONE month | Our IELTS success story

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In this video, we will talk about our IELTS journey and how we prepared for it in 30 days. It is one of the most important factor that determines your CRS score, and also the only one that you can change and control. In this video, we will cover the following topis:

1. Our IELTS scores
2. How we prepared for IELTS in 30 days
3. Books we read, videos we saw and courses that we subscribed to.

We have also explained this in detail in our 3-part e-book along with everything else there is to know about immigrating to Canada via Express Entry or Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). You can download the e-books from

Link to IELTS test booking (British Council):
Link to IELTS test booking (IDP):

Preparation material:
IELTS sample paper (Official):
Books for IELTS preparation:
1. Cambridge Official Guide IELTS For Academic and General Training
2. Barron`s IELTS Practice Exams

YouTube Channel for Writing & Speaking (E2 language):

E2 launguage paid course:

Cambly for Speaking:

Disclaimer: These videos are our personal views and opinion, they should NOT be considered as legal advice. We are not affiliated with any government organization or division. We assume no liability for how the information on this channel is used or interpreted and hence take no responsibility for any decisions that is made with regards to your application based on the information shared on this channel.

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We don’t like immigration agents – the ones’ that aren’t authorized by ICCRC and qualified to help you with your application in exchange for money – first of all, it’s not legal to do that, and second of all, it’s so easy that you don’t really need paid help! We are a young couple who started their Canadian Immigration journey in 2018 and moved to Canada 3 days before the pandemic hit in March 2020. Over the course of our application, we have seen so many people getting screwed over by greedy / fraudulent and unauthorized immigration consultants who promise you the world in exchange for thousands of dollars and deliver a whole lot of NOTHING; to an extent that in many cases, the applications get rejected, due to their negligence.

Therefore, we are taking matters in our own hands. After months of research and our own experience of applying for a Canadian PR, we came up with an e-book series & this YouTube channel which would include – errors to avoid, perfect sample documents (my own) and alternate ways of immigrating to Canada – 100 pages of absolute goldmine between these 3 e-books – no filters, no premium versions to these ebooks… everything is out there FOR FREE, for you to read and execute the process yourself! All we are doing in these ebooks is sharing our experience of applying for PR ourselves / structuring and pointing you in the right direction via various different resources that are available on IRCC’s official website. The YouTube channel will compliment the e-book and add some personality and entertainment to the entire process 🙂

Volume 1: Step by step express entry process from know nothing about immigration all the way to getting an invitation to apply (ECA, IELTS etc). Download here –

Volume 2: Post ITA express entry process – documentation, samples, POF, Proof of work, medical, biometrics all the way to getting a stamped passport 😉 Download here –

Volume 3: Alternate ways of moving to canada | Provincial Nominee program – OINP, AINP, MPNP, NSNP, SINP, RNIP and more. Download here –

Save your money, and if you find these e-books useful, do not forget to buy us a coffee when you reach Canada 🙂

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