India to Europe first flight journey complete guide पहली हवाई यात्रा कैसे करें #europe#punjab#India

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Hello friends, in this video I am sharing my journey India to Vienna or India to Europe, First I took my return flight around 32,000 that is round trip and airline I got Ukraine international airline I booked these flights tickets using skyscanner where I got this cheap deal, I would like to suggest if you want to book cheap flight ticket you can use skyscanner or google flights which are my favourite website to book cheap flights ticket. If you are going to abroad first time and you don’t know what is the steps or procedure to travel, this video is specially for you because I am sharing step by step how to travel flight first time in this video I am starting my journey Indera Gandhi International terminal 3 where I reached by metro from New Delhi and I paid only Rs.55 and If you are budget traveler you can also use airport metro line which is very cheap as comparative taxi or other thing and you can also skip the hassles of traffic. Whenever you are traveling to flight journey you need to get boarding pass, this pass is you will get airline counter which you have ticket, in my case I went to Ukraine Airline counter to get boarding pass because I had booked Ukraine international airline, these all things I showed in my video for you help A boarding pass is a document provided by an airline during check-in, giving a passenger permission to enter the restricted area of an airport and to board the airplane for a particular flight. At a minimum, it identifies the passenger, the flight number, and the date and scheduled time for departure and everything is written on your boarding pass like what is your seat ticket when boarding is going to start and which gate you need to visit and I also talked in this video luggage I mean bags when you are traveling any international flights there are two baggage usually whenever we are traveling Asia we have one bag because most of Asian flight are cheaper as comparison of Europe and that bag is called hand bag almost this bag is 7 to 9 kg it depend upon flight policy before going any country you should check at least once another bag or luggage called checkin this bag is heavy my airline allow me to carry two separates bags of 23kg each and these bag you need to deposit at the counter of airline where you are going to get boarding pass and checkin baggage you can carry lot of things like liquor things like oil and other items in my case I carried some food items and clothes and some cream or facewash. But in checkin bag you cannot carry with your bank charger usually in hand bag I carried my some clothes and laptop and my phone and gimbal and one more thing that is harddisk, everything I captured in my video so you cannot face any problem while you are going to abroad. I also gave review what food I had given on airline and what time they were served. After doing all this things, my flights reached Ukraine airport which is called kiev international airport and there I have another flight to Vienna which took around 2 hours. During these connected flights I spend 4 hours layover in kiev airport. When I reached Vienna airport I shared my immigration questions answer experience then I took my baggage and at the last I also shared public transport of Vienna which is very essential such as how to reach Vienna city center from Vienna airport and also shared price of different different transport bus, city trains and taxi. Hope you will like my efforts, I am nothing without your support please if you like my videos subscribe my channel, this things give me motivation so I can produce more beautiful and informative videos :-
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India to Europe first flight journey complete guide पहली हवाई यात्रा कैसे करें #europe#punjab#India #timetotravel
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