Is Brazil SAFE to TRAVEL? Safety Travel Advise 2019 (YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS!)

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If you are planning to Travel Brazil this video is for you. We will answer the question most people ask. Is Brazil safe to travel? Is it safe for tourists?

We have been traveling in Brazil here in South America for the past weeks and many people have been asking us this particular question: Is brazil safe? And is it safe enough to go there as a traveler?
That’s a very interesting topic to talk about as we have 2 different positions sitting here. 1 local and 1 tourist. Obviously the local has been spending way more time here than I have and therefore seen more things that might let him believe that it is dangerous. On the other hand, Social Media has led me to believe that Brazil is dangerous, as so the Philippines and Indonesia as well. I learned after 5 years of traveling that it is not always a good idea to just listen to the news and social media, as usual, they show a lot of bad stuff that happens here.

In every travel country there is a kinda checklist you should do for safety:
Don’t take out your phone or camera when you don’t have to
Don’t have a lot of cash carrying with you
Stay in touristic areas with some other people/friends/locals
Don’t walk around alone in areas you do not know
I lived my whole life in Brazil and I’m pretty sure I can give you the best tips to make your travels to Brazil Safe and Enjoyable. Vanessa will give her impressions as a Foreigner that has Traveled to Brazil for the second time now.
I gotta be honest, as I grew up in Germany I never really had the feeling of “having to hide my phone or my belongings” when I walk around the city as Germany is a pretty safe country. Although even in such a safe country, My mum never wanted me to take the late train by myself, have my phone hanging out of my pocket, take a lot of cash with me or leave my bag unattended. And then, when I was 16 right on my birthday night, I was with one of my best friends at a train station just on the way home. A guy asked me what time it was, I looked on my phone and at that time I could even look he grabbed it and ran away. So fast that I couldn’t even try to run behind him. I did but I couldn’t catch him. Also, it was very dangerous as I didn’t know if he would have a knife with him and what he would possibly do. So even in countries and GERMANY, those things happen. Back then I realized that you have to be careful anywhere you go. In some countries more or less.

We decided to google what is the Most Dangerous Countries in the World by Population in 2019 and Brazil literally “only” appeared on Number 48. Just one place under Thailand!!!
Some of the countries that have been mentioned in the lower numbers, I have traveled to and NEVER felt a dangerous vibe and also never something bad happened to me.

Since I remember growing up my family and I have been watching in the News all the bad things happening in Brazil. But also any other country that we watch in the news how dangerous it is and how many bad things happen over there as well.

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