Is It Safe to Travel During the COVID-19 Outbreak? | #DeepDives | Health

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Summer vacation and travel safety are currently on many people’s minds as the weather warms up. Cooped up vacation-going hopefuls are wondering if it’s safe to travel during the Covid-19 outbreak. But, could quarantine travel or staying at a summer vacation rental, like an Airbnb, during the coronavirus pandemic put your health at risk? Professor Richard Watkins, MD, MS and Jill Weatherhead, MD Assistant Professor of Topical Medicine and Infectious Disease give their thoughts.

0:00 What to consider when traveling
1:36 Should I be traveling right now?
2:07 Assessing the rental situation in the local area
3:05 How many people should I have in one rental?
3:35 What should rental booking sites do to keep you safe?
4:21 What can I do to stay safe during the vacation?

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