Is it Safe to Travel to Acapulco, Mexico's Most Dangerous City in 2020

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I spent 4 nights on the beach in a 2 bedroom penthouse suite. It was so nice, amazing views, the only bad thing, it was in Acapulco. Or was it bad, that’s the question I kept searching for the answer to while I was there.

I’ve heard in the past Acapulco was really dangerous and tourists stopped going there. Recently though I’ve been hearing that people have started to go back. So when I found a deal on the room I thought I’d give it a try.

Not until I was at the airport waiting for my flight did I think to do a Google search if it was safe now, and I found a lot of articles saying it wasn’t. By that time it was too late to cancel, so I figured I would go and see for myself.

The first day I stayed close to the hotel, worried I would be caught up in a shootout on the streets. But when nothing happened, I ventured out further to the central mercado, then to the Zocalo. Everything seemed fine, like any other city in Mexico I’ve been to, nothing scary or dangerous.

So I asked some locals and they said it’s fine around the tourist areas, but be careful in the local neighborhoods, and don’t go up the hill at all. I’m still not sure if it’s that much more dangerous than other parts of Mexico, but for me I had a nice uneventful trip.

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