John Allen's doomed journey in 2D animation to convert India's North Sentinel Island to Christianity

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The #Sentinelese tribe living in India’s #Andaman&Nicobar islands had never been exposed to the outside world ever since they got there over 10,000 years ago. Called the uncontacted people, they are now just left in a few places around the world. Though we document John Allen Chau’s journey to meet them, we also document similar Indian efforts by the Indian government. Do take a look at this fantastic video in full 2D animation…and make sure you stay for the end limerick.

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Bisbo’s Limerick:
Don’t forget to watch Bisbo’s Limerick at the end of each video, that neatly sums up the topic.

The North Sentinelese is an ancient tribe
Where a missionary went to offer a bribe
They were not impressed
By their unwanted guest
‘Cos in the notion of god they don’t subscribe

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