Journey Into Asia 2021: Resilience

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The UNC Asian American Students Association is pleased to present the 2021 edition of Journey into Asia: Resilience. Journey into Asia is UNCโ€™s largest cultural showcase and is hosted by AASA annually to highlight the talent and diversity of our community. This yearโ€™s theme of resilience was chosen to exhibit the strength and unity of Asian Americans in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the wave of anti-Asian rhetoric and violence that has persisted through the year. We hope that our show will tell these stories, reflect on the things weโ€™ve lost, and show that our community will continue to sing, dance, and thrive in the face of adversity.

0:00 – Intro
1:36 – Bhangra Elite
6:15 – UNC Flying Silk
12:42 – Duke Temptasians
17:06 – Blue Star
23:30 – Credits/Outro

Nash Consing,
Hope Davison,

Bhangra Elite:
Performers: Aayush Purohit, Alisha Abhayakumar, Anjali Keyal, Arjun Putcha, Arpita Das, Jaishree Gupta, Kaathya Kashyap, Nivetha Ramasamy, Ojesvii Sethi, Rhea Arora, Sahil Sethi, Simran Sidhu, Simran Singh, Tejas Pruthi

UNC Flying Silk:
Performers: Jade Dang, Shara He, Brianna Li, Elizabeth Pham, Vivi Wang, Lucia Zhang, Amanda Zhao, Seanna Chen, Jessie Zheng, Vivian Deng, Sydney Murray, Halley Zhang
Video Editor: Erica Chen

Duke Temptasians:
Performers: Andrew Zheng, Angela Yoon, Caleb Chiang, Cassie Xin, Eric Tay, Harry Liang, Irene Qiao, James Leong, Jenny Wu, Nathan Cho, Sean Park, Stacy Chen

Blue Star:
Performers: Pearl Dang, Sela Nguyen, Michelle Cao, Quynh Nguyen, Y-Van Nguyen, Mary Nie, Elizabeth Pham, Mylan Young

UNC AASA Cultural Committee – Eirene Huang, Gwen Lau, Vivian Deng
Design – Sophie Sun
Publicity – Katrina Jagadeesan
Treasurer – Violet Evans
President – Anna Zheng

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