Journey of a Bean – (2019 Documentary)

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This documentary shows the journey a soybean makes from planting to product. David Geiger follows a product in Illinois until it becomes food in South Korea. The Journey of a Bean details the transportation, technology, and people along the way of the enormous effort in a global trade system to provide a fundamental human need — food.

Journey of a Bean – (2019 Documentary)

Interviews taken from 2016 to 2018, titles may have changed since:
Dustin Karstensen
Illinois Farmer

Tom McKenna
Scoular Company, Senior Manager

Noel Hacegaba
Port of Long Beach, Chief Commercial and Operations Officer

Sam Sexhus
BNSF Railway, Vice President Agricultural Products

John Block
Former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

Tom Vilsack
Former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

Jason Hafemeister
U.S. Foreign Agriculture Service, Acting Associate Administrator

Dr. Hyung Suk Lee
U.S. Soybean Export Council, Country Director

Deok Wha Kim
Factory, Manager

Na-hyun Lee
South Korea

Produced by David Geiger

Filmed by David Geiger with clips from BNSF and Port of Long Beach

Huge thanks to Adam Buckentine for giving me the idea and initial start to this documentary. Huge thanks to John Lee for touring and translating for me in South Korea. Huge thanks to Dongsuk Kim for translation of my South Korean interviews.

Music from Soundstripe:
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Flux – Little Heart (Feat. Jeremy Mayfield)
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Solitude – Safe and Free
Stephen Keech – Move the Earth

Text Graphics by AeMar from VideoHive