Know Before you go – Riding a Motorcycle Long Distances in Central and South America

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One of the great things about long distance trips is the Freedom you feel once you get on the road. However being prepared and setting up systems is a critical component of any long distance trip.

1. Get prepared the day/night before, all you should be doing when you wake up is attaching your gear to your bike and getting fuel in your body

2. Luggage should be evenly distributed by weight and importance. After a few days riding you will know exactly where everything is and give rise to importance by use.

3. Make sure all electronics are charged night before, downloading maps, GPS setup etc

4. Leave at sunrise, as early as possible. Getting on the road as the sun comes up is paramount and gives for some stunning moments.

5. Get a daily reminder on Google Keep before you go, a little checklist. Get a physical road map for each country.

6. Ride patient, get consistent with your distances, shit happens, and you need time to react.

7. Be conservative with your distances to travel each day, roads are different, some you can do 1000ks in a day – Google Maps is usually pretty accurate as for distances and times after you take breaks.

8. Fuels stops and breaks, keep them separate. You want to stop at scenic points.

9. Food and Water supplies to make sure you have the energy for when you need it.

10. Driving through villages and small towns, being respectful, topes, speed bumps and more.