Nelson Mandela’s Big Secret Through The African Journey! Nelson Mandela fought for freedom throughout his life. Part of his struggle journey involved the collaboration and inspiration he found in continental unity. The struggle was never [More]
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Explore the incredible wildlife Safari destination in 5K Ultra HD while watching our 5K nature relax video from and The filmmaker is Robert Hofmeyr Discover the amazing Kruger National Park in South Africa. [More]
Part one of my African journey bow hunting the Great Plains of Namibia. We start out in the elevated blind after the amazing oryx bull. Making a perfect t shot on this old oryx bull [More]
This is video is from our Ghana series. Our first trip to Africa! Definitely an unforgettable trip.
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This video takes you to a Liquor Shop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where I buy Ethiopian Beer and then taste it. Follow me on instagram: paramvir_beniwal My Action Camera: My phone for recording: [More]
Ethiopia is one of the most underrated countries in Africa! Thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this video! The first 1000 people to use this link will get 30% off an annual Skillshare Premium Membership: Check [More]
The Masai Mara is one of the best known nature reserves in Africa. The area is famous particularly for the concentration of predators. The film shows the life of a mother cheetah with her cubs [More]
If you’re planning a trip to South Africa, or if you’re in South Africa right now, but have some concerns about your safety while you travel, this one’s for you! In this episode I share [More]
Is Africa Safe to go Alone ? Is it Safe, to Travel to Africa ALONE? HOW SAFE IS IT TO TRAVEL TO Africa ALONE ? Safety Tips For the first time | Eve’s Eye Experience [More]
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On Aug. 22, the Voice of America and Norfolk State University hosted an international town hall to discuss the 400th anniversary of the first Africans’ landing in North America. Originally published at –
This video is about what you need to know about the journey to becoming a psychologist in South Africa. It includes information regarding high school subjects, undergrad to masters, work experience as well as internship [More]
My first trip to Africa was a 5 week adventure through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. captured in this travel documentary. Karl’s journey begins in Cape Town, where we goes cage diving with Great [More]
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What was once a bland house for six of the world’s largest animals, is now a tropical oasis with a single pathway that’s enclosed by natural looking facades, tropical plants, and a unique collection like [More]
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El pianista y compositor cubano, Omar Sosa, presenta su nuevo álbum llamado ‘An East African Journey’ (Un día en África del Este), concebido en colaboración con músicos tradicionales de esa región del planeta. El resultado [More]
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Our journeys (North America, Europe & Africa) from December 2008 – December 2013.
More than 13,000 people have made the dangerous journey from North Africa to Italy across the Mediterranean this year. Thousands have drowned doing so. Before they even get to the boats in Libya, many will [More]
Music video by Chris Brown performing Journey To South Africa. (C) 2007 Zomba Recording, LLC
This “video” documents a journey made across Africa and the Sahara Desert in 1959/60. It uses color slides shot during the journey and shows how images from the past can be given a new lease [More]
This video shows my analysis of Meghan Markle interviewed by ITV’s Tom Bradby in Africa.
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Chit chat video Malayalam ആഫ്രിക്കയിലെ തനതായ ആഭരണങ്ങളോ കീചെയിനുകളോ ആഫ്രിക്കൻ Theme ൽ ചെയ്ത ടീഷർട്ടുകളോ വേണമെങ്കിൽ നമ്മുടെ ഓൺലൈൻ സ്റ്റോറിൽ നിന്നും വാങ്ങാവുന്നതാണ് . ഇതാണ് നമ്മുടെ ലിങ്ക് ” Amazing Africa By Pooja ” is a ” Malayalam travel [More]
‘HARRY & MEGHAN | An African Journey’ premiering Wednesday 10|9c only on . In this new documentary filmed on their tour of Africa, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex speak exclusively about the causes [More]
The lush landscapes and winding waters of the Democratic Republic of the Congo are a beautiful deception. Beneath these natural wonders lies a long and traumatic history of poverty and conflict. Congo: A Journey to [More]
A film record of an exercise by two Vulcans,two Valiants and a Britannia to allow crews to experience handling and sevicing conditions in Africa…..Enjoy.
PART 1: This video takes you to a Tribal Market in Omo Valley where Banna & Hamar tribes meet and sell things (like animals, cereals, honey, beer, shoes, butter, coffee, chairs, clothes, etc.), exchange information [More]
The Royal tour of Africa may well turn out to be an event that defines the Duke of Sussex and his family. Prince Harry issued a powerful statement criticising some of the press during the [More]
The time when we questioned our cheap low-cost style of travel has finally come. The 8th episode of The African Vlog shows our journey to Burkina Faso. The journey that should be forgotten. SUPPORT ME [More]
An experimental film by Victor Wooten to help promote EcoTours International and to provide a way for the 2014 participants to relive our experience. This was also a way of making use of the hundreds [More]
The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a vast, mineral rich country the size of Western Europe. Alastair Leithead takes an epic journey from the Atlantic Ocean to the far reaches of the Congo river [More]