Planning on travelling East Coast Australia? Well here are 20 things to know before coming to Australia – so you can avoid the mistakes and make the most of your time down under! I’ve spent [More]
#newyearseveparis #northernlights #lapland #veniccarnival #egypt #easterinjerusalem #petra #icehotel #templeofkarnak #valleyofthekings #viadolorosa Highlights Include: * New Year’s Eve in Paris. * Lapland’s stunning Northern Lights. * Carnival in Venice; Egypt’s awe-inspiring tombs. * Easter morning in [More]
From the album ‘An East African Journey’ : OUT March 5th (Benelux & France : Out March 19th) Omar Sosa : piano Rajery : valiha Olith Ratego : vocals Steve Argüelles : drums Christophe Minck [More]
El pianista y compositor cubano, Omar Sosa, presenta su nuevo álbum llamado ‘An East African Journey’ (Un día en África del Este), concebido en colaboración con músicos tradicionales de esa región del planeta. El resultado [More]
An East African Journey Omar Sosa – Piano Olith Ratego – Okodo, vocals Seleshe Damessae – Krar, vocals Rajery – Valiha, vocals Steve Argülles – Drims, modular effects, recording and mixing Christophe Minck – Double [More]
“An East African Journey” – Out March 5th (Benelux & France : March 19th) Omar Sosa’s new album, ‘An East African Journey’, is an exquisite set of recordings featuring collaborations with seven East African artists, [More]
North America Road Trip On October 30th 2016, myself and 2 of my friends set out on an unorganized 10-day photography road trip across North America in order to capture some magnificent landscapes. After traveling [More]