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Concept and Art by RK Aadil I am RK Aadil, an Actor, Dancer, Singer, Sketch Artist, Mimicry Artist & Martial Artist. I have come up with new form of art, known as #JourneyArt, to which [More]
Lyrics: Any way you want it Thats the way you need it Any way you want it She loves to laugh She loves to sing She does everything She loves to move She loves to [More]
So, here is the final result after completing my weight loss journey of 4 weeks. In today’s vlog I have told the major takeaways from my transformation journey at imwow. If want to start your [More]
From 1849 to 1874, over 100,000 Chinese contract labors, called “coolies,” settled in Peru. Fabiana Chiu-Rinaldi has been researching her family connections to these early workers sent to the Americas. Her great grandfather voyaged from [More]
African movies yummy nollywood is here to entertain you with Nigerian movies 2021 we have Nigerian movies also known as nollywood movies one of the most watched African movies across the continent, be rest assured [More]
Nelson Mandela’s Big Secret Through The African Journey! Nelson Mandela fought for freedom throughout his life. Part of his struggle journey involved the collaboration and inspiration he found in continental unity. The struggle was never [More]
SUBSCRIBE for more videos on nutrition and health: Weight Loss Transformation Journey In December 2017, I reached my heaviest weight. Since then, I have lost 25kg and 15% body fat. Hear about the stages [More]
I had the opportunity of becoming the third Filipino to be honored with the Asian Stars Up Next Awards at the International Film Festival & Awards Macao (IFFAM). It was truly an honor and a [More]
Now that you are initiated ( ) , a Cthulhu Cultist helps prepare you for your journey to the city of R’lyeh, in this performance that is not only dedicated to and inspired by [More]
My four year old daughter applied me mehndi || Preparation for journey My Gear :- Camera Nikon :- Go Pro Action Cam :- Go Pro Shorty Tripod :- Vlogging Tripod :- [More]
Neoclassical Dark Folk from England, UK. Bandcamp: Facebook: Instagram: ✹ A Journey Upon Ancient Lands (2021) ✹ 1. A Journey Upon Ancient Lands 00:00 2. Olden Forests Of Germania 03:15 3. Sacred [More]
Today we’re taking you on an epic Patagonian train journey from the Andes Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean! The ‘Tren Patagónico’ or ‘Patagonian Train’ is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of [More]
My wife and I decided to push pause on life for one year and see what it’s all about by traveling and volunteering. The experience has opened doors to my dreams. South America is a [More]
The European Space Agency’s (ESA) 13-ton Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) cargo craft launched from ESA’s Arianespace launch site in Kourou, French Guiana, July 29, beginning a two-week journey to the International Space Station to deliver [More]
#newyearseveparis #northernlights #lapland #veniccarnival #egypt #easterinjerusalem #petra #icehotel #templeofkarnak #valleyofthekings #viadolorosa Highlights Include: * New Year’s Eve in Paris. * Lapland’s stunning Northern Lights. * Carnival in Venice; Egypt’s awe-inspiring tombs. * Easter morning in [More]
Space debris – a journey to Earth takes the audience on a journey from the outer solar system back to our home planet. The objects encountered along the way are manmade. Originally designed to explore [More]
(19 Jul 2016) Thousands of migrants and refugees were being rescued on Tuesday 20 miles away from Libya on international waters by warships from the EUNAVFOR MED (European Union Naval Force Mediterranean), Italian Marine and [More]
Usually you’ll find Rick Steves touring the great destinations of Europe. Now you can join him on a different journey: a Symphonic Journey. In this unique special, Rick Steves teams up with the talented Cascade [More]
Limited staterooms are available on the Summer Edition of our Seven River Journey, debuting in 2023. Join us on this once-in-a-lifetime 46-night river cruise sailing through fourteen fascinating European countries with the exclusive experiences only [More]
European Journey Composer & Percussionist Bernhard Schimpelsberger embarks on a journey to collaborate with some of Europe’s most exciting musicians. In search of new rhythms for his Rhythm Diaries he explores various cities and emerges [More]
A train journey through the Alps, from Milan, Italy to Lucerne, Switzerland. Support Gabriel’s videos on Patreon: Planning a budget traveling trip? “Gabe’s Guide to Budget Travel” is a guidebook that’s packed with practical [More]
In this session, Educator Ashish Futtan will interview Shivam Dev who has cleared GATE 2020 in Chemical Engineering with an AIR 36. Shivam will discuss his exam preparation journey and discuss about the strategies that [More]
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Kelly Somrak was in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala taking the Spanish preparation lessons for the OPI at After 9 weeks, she was able to achieve her goals of obtaining the advanced level on the OPI proficiency [More]
👉🏻 SUBSCRIBE to Zee Music Company – Presenting the Full Song (Audio) the delightful journey of Piku, Baba & Rana in ‘Journey Song’ from the Piku starring Amitabh Bachchan, Irrfan Khan & Deepika Padukone. [More]
Working as a doctor along with being a streamer has not been easy! OMEN x AMD Ryzen brings you a closer look at the life and Gaming journey of India’s Gaming OG PVS! Catch the [More]
Join Casa Navarro State Historic Site manager, Georgia Ruiz Davis, in a discussion with author, Andrés Reséndez, as they discuss his book, A Land So Strange: The Epic Journey of Cabeza de Vaca: The Extraordinary [More]
Harlistas: An American Journey is an authentic look into Latino motorcycling culture in the United States told through four pivotal stories of real-life characters who proudly call themselves Harlistas — Harley riders of Latino heritage. [More]
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Asian John | Mobile Journey To 10k | + Voice Reveal (10k Subscriber Special) Time To Start Tryharding! “When it comes to hive youtubers, there are few that are better known than Aisan John.” So [More]
Here’s a snippet from the exclusive interview with Addanki Sridhar Babu IAS on Dil Se with Anjali. In this interview, he talks about his Civil’s preparation, previous job experience, family background, and education & more! [More]
OUR CLASSROOM PROGRAMS: FOUNDATION COURSE for UPSC Civil Services GS Prelims & Mains exam: A comprehensive course for those who plan to appear for the UPSC Civil Services exam in the next year: Online: [More]
Olivia, Haylee and Isabella take us inside their preparation on the journey to Augusta.
National champion 400-meter hurdler Kenny Selmon discusses his journey from Atlanta to UNC and his preparation for the 2020 Olympics.
DB from the popular series The Bartender takes on the 2021 festival song competition so journey with him to the finals.