We moved to Honduras, so I put my KLR650 in the back of an F-250 Diesel and drove much the length of Central America. Vlog #25. Filmed June 22nd – June 26th. Noahs Stark by [More]
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This video is based on my first journey with Amtrak from Houston to Tucson. This train was Sunset Limited which travel from New Orleans, Louisiana to Los Angeles, California. I paid 108$ for this 24+ [More]
Pieces from our trip through Central America. Trying to find a way to enter Nicaragua’s Mosquito Coast from Honduras. 6,538 miles on a KLR 650. 2 months in Central America from the Texas border to [More]
Desperate Journeys (2014): As Obama defends his immigration overhaul, this report follows the harsh journeys of the South Americans dodging the US border control. From those that risk the perilous journey to those trying to [More]
This is the history of the texas longhorn. From how they came from Spain and The Important role they played for Texas! Website: FreedomFoodsFarm.com Facebook: Facebook.com/FreedomFoodsFarm Instagram: Instagram.com/FreedomFoodsFarm TikTok: FreedomFoodsFarm Podcast: https://anchor.fm/s/386ce1d8/podcast/rss
They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and it is certainly true that there is a large range of things do so, see and explore in the second largest state. The landscape changes dramatically [More]
August 1996, in Uvalde, Texas: the Hernandez family holds a reunion, undoubtedly one of many such gatherings held that summer in small towns across the nation. Family reunions have a long tradition and offer opportunities [More]
Celebrate the the romantic elements of life. Our American Journey ~ the quest for things that provide us something deeper than simple consumptions… A ride fueled by the unexplainable thing you feel during a handshake. [More]