Lahore’s Busiest Market and Hidden Alleyways @ Anarkali Bazaar – PAKISTAN FOOD TOUR & TRAVEL VLOG

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Must visit in Lahore, Pakistan!!

Anarkali Bazaar is one of the oldest market in South Asia, and it is the busiest market in Lahore! We can’t believe how busy it still is despite coronavirus / covid-19 in Pakistan.
The market is divided into two: Old Anarkali Bazaar and New Anarkali Bazaar. The Anarkali Food Street is located in the old market.

This market was so lively…everyone wanted us to try everything and wanted a selfie with us!
We also met new friends who took us to hidden alleyways only the local knows about. We tried some Pakistani street food pakoras and carrot halwa. We ended the day at Yasir Broast to try some traditional Pakistani food: halwa chicken, chicken karahi, and a Pakistani bbq platter along with naan and roti.

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00:00 – Pakistani people love the camera
00:56 – Virgin carrot? What? lol
3:25 – New friend Aizaz takes us to the hidden maze
4:55 – First time trying Pakora
6:45 – New friends Danish & Farhad take us to New Anarkali Market
10:44 – Time to EAT! (First: pre-meal Raita)
16:30 – BONUS: Asher Khan gives us a carrot-and-stuff-sweet-dish

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