Llammigration – A South American Journey! ~

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In Llammigration we go on a journey through South America with some fuzzy friends. I’ll show you a preview of this educational game, you can find it on Itchio, it’s really an undiscovered gem, they’re still working on it. If you like llamas or cuteness, this is definitely for you. 🙂

♥Play the game!
Llammigration on Itchio: http://sweetheartsquad.itch.io/llammigration

♥Devs – Sweetheart Squad:
Itchio: http://sweetheartsquad.itch.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sweetheartsquad
Tumblr: http://sweetheartsquad.tumblr.com/
Github: https://github.com/SweetheartSquad

♥Tilde Review – Llammigration:
Let’s Playability ★★★★☆ Needs improv, choices with unknown consequences.
Llamas ★★★★★ Play if you like llamas or South America.
Style? ★★★★★ Very attractive.

A review? Why?! Well, we’re trying to find the next big thing, the hidden gems of the (indie) game development community. Want help with figuring out what you should play for your channel? The Let’s Playability rating is supposed to give you an indication of if it’s easy to commentate or other perks that give the game an edge.

Are you the dev? You don’t have to consider making your game let’s playable, it’s not a rating that affects the quality of your creation, so don’t worry. It’s just easy for us Youtubers if there’s small extras like being able to put the facecam in a corner or adjust volumes separately.

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