Medical Student -Q & A | Neet preparation journey, inspiration to become doctor… | ANISA AMIN

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Hello everyone!
First of all, thank you so much for all your love and support… It means a lot to me 😊❣️

Time stamps:
1:29- About me and my NEET preparation
9:47-Your queries related to neet
17:18-About MBBS and college

Link of my sister ‘s channel :

Instagram :

Here are the videos regarding your questions:

Physics strategy and revision:

Chemistry strategy and revision :

Biology strategy and effective reading of ncert:

How to manage boards with neet :

My daily routine :

How many hours to study for neet :

Neet 2021 strategy:

Neet 2022 strategy:

How to avoid silly mistakes :

How to cover backlogs :

How to overcome distractions :

How to overcome stress and anxiety :

How to retain longer what you have learned :

How to analyse the test paper properly :

How to take notes effectivly :

Best books for neet:

Which is the best time to study :

How to crack neet in 1st attempt?

Tips for neet:

MBBS life :