Motorcycle Journey Documentary – My FIRST long Solo 4000 km ride through Europe.

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This is my motorcycle journey documentary of my first long solo ride alone through Europe by the Netherlands, Belgium and France. It is the first time i did motorcycle camping, and Its also the first time i made a video like this (or any video at all) and after many hours of editing, cursing the video program, many liters of coffee i think this will do.
Ive tried to make everyday a little bit difference so its easy to watch 🙂 (it has maybe a bit of a slow start but if you watch the whole movie it all makes sense)

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➖➖➖ Chapters ➖➖➖
0:00 Introduction and day 1, heading to Dunkirk – France
4:18 Day 2 – On my way to Omaha beach
6:53 Day 3 – Exploring Omaha beach
12:21 Day 4 – Waiting for the rain to pass, stil in Omaha beach
14:09 Day 5 – First day of my journey to Annecy
17:30 Day 6 – Second day of my journey to Annecy
22:06 Day 7 – Last day to Annecy, yeah from Omaha to Annecy is far ok 😛
29:00 Day 8 – My first day in Annecy
30:48 Day 9 – Still chilling in Annecy
31:39 Day 10 – Day 1 of the long ride home
42:05 Day 11 – Day 2 of heading home
49:20 Day 12 – Verdun and last miles to home
57:03 Outro and back in my recording studio

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➤GOPRO 8 ⇒
➤THIEYE CAMERA ⇒ (cheap gopro clone, but good)

All music used in this video is from youtube’s own music library or Envato elements
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