My CAT journey from 66 to 95 percentile | How to handle pressure effectively? | CAT Preparation

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This video is about โ€œhow to handle pressure effectivelyโ€ and why handling pressure well during CAT increases your CAT score beyond imagination/expectations, and is based on a real life story ๐Ÿ˜‰.

Key Takeaway on how to Handle Pressure:
The takeaway from this experience is that, removing pressure off the thoughts play an enormous role in scoring well. I had exposure to how CAT looked and felt from my prior attempts, however the most serious attempts had that element of pressure built in to the system. There were times when I went into exam hall after eating Munch/Perk, expecting them to kick in after sometime so that I would get sugar rush. But without all that elaborate planning and expectations, the exam felt more enjoyable. I believe even Rajesh would reiterate the same.
Sometimes it is very tough to be result agnostic. We are all humans, and do end setting up lots of expectations on the outcomes. One way to reduce the expectations (thereby reducing the pressure on the D-Day) is to focus on Input metrics compared to Output metrics.

Input Vs Output
If you are not scoring well in your mocks, tell yourself that you will scramble for time, read aggressively everyday, practice few hundred questions and will take 3 mocks in the next week and a half. Do not set outcome expectations that look like the following: I want to cross 85th percentile in the next mock and 90th in the following mock. Fix factors that are well under your control (in this case, input metrics).

Sense of Joy
The sense of Joy, lets you enjoy the exam better than taking it under enormous pressure. I know it is incredibly tough to remove all pressure when you are taking a competitive exam. More you learn to handle pressure, better the outcomes are. Taking lots of mock tests to condition yourself to handle pressure better, helps your CAT Scores. It is vital to de-emphasize the pressure aspects as much as possible and to enjoy both the preparation and the exam-taking part as much as possible. All the best for CAT.

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