My GMAT Preparation Journey | 710 score in only 4 months | Strategy Tips and Plans | Smita K

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Hi Everyone,
In this video I have shared my Gmat Journey for a 700+ score. I have include my detailed strategy which I pursued for Gmat.

This video includes
What Gmat is?
How scoring happens in gmat?
Timeline required to prepare for Gmat?
4 month journey and the breakup of What I did in those four months?

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Transcript of the video is here:-
Hi guys, welcome back to my channel and in today’s video we are going to talk about my GMAT preparation journey for a 710 score and I am also going to include some tips and tricks for the preparation so stay tuned till the end of the video. First let me talk about GMAT.. how it works at an exam. It may come off as somewhat easier compared to CAT and XAT in the first glance …when you start official guide and you would glance through all the questions they may seem easier compared to XAT and CAT but believe me that’s not the case. GMAT is somewhat of a different sort of exam and it requires a lot of self-awareness and practice. First let me talk about how scoring happens in GMAT because that will put a lot of things into perspective. GMAT is an adaptive exam by that I mean is when you start the test the first question that is thrown to you in each of the section is going to be of a medium difficulty level. If you solve it correctly then the next question will be higher up in terms of difficulty and also in terms of the score if you get the next question wrong then the subsequent difficulty level will keep on decreasing and also the marks so it adapts to the way you are performing during the exam hence it is quite important that you increase your accuracy rate when you are preparing for GMAT and I would suggest an accuracy rate of 90 to 95 percent if you want to get a sure shot high score by that I mean is somebody around 700+. If you have given any other exam such as that or cat it may seem like the GMAT is be easier compared to that but believe me that’s not the case because GMAT is an adaptive exam you need to focus on an exhaustive preparation you cannot leave certain chapter and focus on certain else you need to achieve an accuracy rate of 90 to 95 percent and for doing that you need to focus on getting most of the questions right and excel at most of these sections also Excel in different types of questions. When I used to prepare for IIT I remember in the math section I focused only on calculus and coordinate because those we’re the most prominent questions that were asked in that exam that is not something that you can do in GMAT. You need to be very exhaustive when you are trying to prepare for GMAT and also you need to attack all your weaknesses. Any area that you are weak in you need to focus more on it. GMAT being an adaptive test they adapt to your weakness so if you started getting some permutation and combination questions wrong they will throw more of such questions to you so you need to work a lot on your weakness so again GMAT is a lot about self-awareness working on your own weakness and excelling and then again the second thing is that it is a lot about understanding the patterns understanding the different types of questions that are being asked how the solution can be approached for them and a lot of practice having understood how GMAT works as an exam I want to focus on the next step in this video which is the timeline for preparation and there’s no right answer to it a lot of people come to me asking wether three months will be another four months will be enough there’s no right answer to it it all depends on the person what kind of background you have how much practice you have had before if you have given any other competitive exam such as CAT or XAT that it may be bit easier for you because you’ll be able to score much higher in the quants section and you can focus just on the verbal section so it all depends but in any case whichever kind of background you have in whatever score that you get in the first practice test that you give I think six to two months time period is something that will work for everyone even if you get a very poor score in first practice test that you have given somewhere around 560 -600 still a six month time period will be enough to get you to a seven hundred level and if you get a