My IIT-JEE preparation journey and Yeh Honsla Cover | Motivational Music | Shivali Sings

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Hi Guys, Welcome to my channel. I was recently asked to record this song and it instantly reminded me of the time I was preparing for IIT-JEE entrance exam. **tough times** but so fun to look back later. At that time I literally had 3 songs in my playlist. Yeh Honsla, Lakshya (haan yahi rasta hai tera.. that one), Aashayein (from Iqbaal).

These songs gave me so much hope to just push through tough times and if you are in the same boat I wish you all the very best! Getting a rank or not is NOT the end of the world at the same time whatever the result you should never have this feeling ‘I could have done more…’! Do your best always!

Leave your questions, comments, song recommendations below or follow me on my insta to know what life looks for me now 6 years after the exam! Stay healthy, stay safe!

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Original Song Credits:
Written by Mir Ali Husain
Composed by Salim Merchant and Salim Merchant
Performed by Shafqat Amanat Ali and Salim Merchant