MY JOURNEY LEARNING CHINESE | Language Learning as a College Student

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After learning Chinese in Indonesia, high school, and Yale — can I speak FLUENT Mandarin Chinese?!

In this video, I document my journey on how I learned Chinese, as well as some tips, tricks, and pieces of advice I have for anyone who wants to learn a language!

0:00 – Opening Remarks
0:54 – Family Background
1:09 – Learning Chinese in Indonesia
1:27 – What’s Unique About Chinese?
1:54 – Learning Chinese in High School
3:33 – Learning Chinese in College (Yale University)
5:21 – Integrated Chinese Textbook (Wang Peng & Li You)
7:09 – Reflecting on Yale’s Undergraduate Chinese Program
7:58 – Chinese Final Oral Project Preview
9:22 – Studying Abroad in Chinese (Harvard Beijing Academy)?!
11:30 – Lady Friend
11:59 – Can I Speak FLUENT Chinese?!
12:29 – TIPS & Closing Remarks

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