Migrants from Haiti, Cuba, Venezuela, Africa and Asia who want to reach the US recently found themselves stranded by the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, Panama has reopened its borders and the new US President Joe Biden appears more sensitive to [More]
Central America – gorgeous, exciting and troubled. This is one of the most interesting places on Earth and yet most of us barely have a vague understanding of what this region is all about. This [More]
I’ve just returned from backpacking in Central America, 6 weeks travelling through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. The 3 part series will be online in a couple of months. Check out this video for all of [More]
Music Avicii – The Nights In memory of Avicii who sadly passed away during our trip. Bill Withers – Lean on me Thanks to my amazing group for making it so good. And thanks to [More]
This song will help you remember the geography of the Central America and surrounding region. FIND FREE LYRIC SHEETS, MAPS, AND LEARNING ACTIVITIES AT: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Rocking-the-World-Central-America-3811194 Love Your Learning! This song will help you remember the [More]
(16 Jul 2019) VOICE-OVER SCRIPT: NAT POP: Blaise Matshieba Ndulueye picking up his youngest child from the stroller inside a basketball arena operating as a makeshift shelter for African migrants in Portland, Maine. THE NDULUYELE [More]
A trip to Argentina and Uruguay in September/October of 2009. Places visited include Buenos Aires in Argentina and Colonia, Montevideo, and Punta del Este in Uruguay.
In this travel vlog, we’re going to show you what international travel is like during a pandemic, specifically travel through Central America. We were a little nervous to travel during the pandemic but ultimately we [More]
We moved to Honduras, so I put my KLR650 in the back of an F-250 Diesel and drove much the length of Central America. Vlog #25. Filmed June 22nd – June 26th. Noahs Stark by [More]
Coburn and Erin Black have set out on their matching BMW F650GS Dakar motorcycles to ride around the world. This is a video of some of their travels through Central America. For more videos photos [More]
Two adventurers inspect all means of wheel transportation in Central America (Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua)…and what choices! A must for future visitors!
Danny Gaekwad came to the United States with virtually nothing. Within two decades, he built a business empire worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He owns and operates companies in diverse fields such as real [More]
Nellie and I are in Mexico!! And somewhat more importantly at the beginning of our two month backpacking journey through Central America!! In the next series of videos we are going to try and meld [More]
Michael Wood visits Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico in Central America to study the history. Subscribe to Our History: https://bit.ly/3v5mKBG The continuing legacy of the Maya and the Aztec civilisations, societies which developed independently of the [More]
The Americas are a vast region containing 35 countries. These are divided into different regions based on language, geography, and history. Since the majority of countries south of the United States speak Spanish, they are [More]
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Today, we’re going to discuss the diverse racial makeup of all of the Central American countries of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Panama. I’m going to explain the history behind each [More]
Want to see it all in Central America? This epic 32-day adventure takes you through seven stunning Central American countries. Begin in magical Mexico, before exploring the wonders of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, [More]
Driving across Central America involves a lot of borders. Today we are crossing from Nicaragua to Costa Rica, our 7th border crossing in our road trip from USA to Panama. Then we pick up our [More]
Provided to YouTube by CDBaby American Journey · Noel Lorica Second Glance ℗ 2007 Noel Lorica Released on: 2007-01-01 Auto-generated by YouTube.
An overview of the history of Central America, from Indian civilizations to modern day nationalism. Central America developed from its Indian roots and Spanish domination into a continent of nations still dominated by outsiders. United [More]
The caravan has become a hot topic in politics, as the group continues their journey.
Political violence of the past–the legacy of U.S.-backed military dictatorships that sent waves of families seeking safety to the country the 1980s.–has morphed into narco violence today, sending new waves of immigrants seeking asylum in [More]
Thousands of migrants from central America are gathering in Guatemala for an expected push north towards the United States. Mexican border forces are on alert for their arrival. It’s thought the migrants are hoping Joe [More]
This is video is from our Ghana series. Our first trip to Africa! Definitely an unforgettable trip.
Why tens of thousands of Central Americans are impelled to flee their homeland every year and the often horrific journey they take to reach the U.S.
Traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco for the New Year’s celebration 2016. Watch the 10 hours ride on the train in around 10 minutes. For those train lovers 😉
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As the U.S. grapples with thousands of unaccompanied migrant children at the border, CBS News is learning more about the stories of those making the dangerous journey. CBS News immigration reporter Camilo Montoya-Galvez joined CBSN [More]
http://visitcentroamerica.com Culture, history, nature, & adventure. Ready to discover Central America? When you travel to Central America, you’ll enter a world of rich traditions, ancient history, Caribbean beaches, and a biodiversity practically unrivaled anywhere in [More]
Mexico has only one passenger train, known as El Chepe. The line is a remarkable feat of engineering, which weaves over 600km through terrain as difficult as it is spectacular. It sets off from Chihuahua, [More]
I will be travelling for 3 months through Central America and Mexico!
⚠ Share this video and inform people about the loss of life on Earth. IUCN Red list of Threatened Species : https://www.iucnredlist.org/ Sources and more informations : Chinamococh stream frog – https://www.worldlandtrust.org/species/amphibians/chinamococh-stream-frog/ Amphibians from Guatemala [More]
Mayan pyramids dominate lush jungle, exotic birds soar over pristine cloud forests, colourful parades wind down narrow cobblestone streets-Central America practically bursts at the seams with culture and wilderness. Often overlooked by travellers, true adventurers [More]
Travel overland through Central America from Honduras, through Guatemala, to Mexico. We cross two international borders, visit Antigua, and do a little 4×4 driving in the mountains as we look for Cataratas de la Igualdad. [More]
US Vice President Kamala Harris warned migrants “do not come” to the United States, during a visit to Guatemala on Monday. “The United States will continue to enforce our laws and secure our borders … [More]