Thousands of migrants from central America are gathering in Guatemala for an expected push north towards the United States. Mexican border forces are on alert for their arrival. It’s thought the migrants are hoping Joe [More]
This is video is from our Ghana series. Our first trip to Africa! Definitely an unforgettable trip.
Why tens of thousands of Central Americans are impelled to flee their homeland every year and the often horrific journey they take to reach the U.S.
Traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco for the New Year’s celebration 2016. Watch the 10 hours ride on the train in around 10 minutes. For those train lovers 😉
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As the U.S. grapples with thousands of unaccompanied migrant children at the border, CBS News is learning more about the stories of those making the dangerous journey. CBS News immigration reporter Camilo Montoya-Galvez joined CBSN [More] Culture, history, nature, & adventure. Ready to discover Central America? When you travel to Central America, you’ll enter a world of rich traditions, ancient history, Caribbean beaches, and a biodiversity practically unrivaled anywhere in [More]
Mexico has only one passenger train, known as El Chepe. The line is a remarkable feat of engineering, which weaves over 600km through terrain as difficult as it is spectacular. It sets off from Chihuahua, [More]
I will be travelling for 3 months through Central America and Mexico!
⚠ Share this video and inform people about the loss of life on Earth. IUCN Red list of Threatened Species : Sources and more informations : Chinamococh stream frog – Amphibians from Guatemala [More]
Mayan pyramids dominate lush jungle, exotic birds soar over pristine cloud forests, colourful parades wind down narrow cobblestone streets-Central America practically bursts at the seams with culture and wilderness. Often overlooked by travellers, true adventurers [More]
Travel overland through Central America from Honduras, through Guatemala, to Mexico. We cross two international borders, visit Antigua, and do a little 4×4 driving in the mountains as we look for Cataratas de la Igualdad. [More]
US Vice President Kamala Harris warned migrants “do not come” to the United States, during a visit to Guatemala on Monday. “The United States will continue to enforce our laws and secure our borders … [More]
October 2018 I set off on an 8 month 35,000km solo motorcycle journey from Niagara Falls Canada through Central America and back. Due to an unfortunate robbery in Mexico Im only working with about 40% [More]
It’s nearly time to embark on my journey and fly to Mexico and start traveling down as a solo female traveler to South America through Central America (I don’t have a plan so let’s see [More]
Pieces from our trip through Central America. Trying to find a way to enter Nicaragua’s Mosquito Coast from Honduras. 6,538 miles on a KLR 650. 2 months in Central America from the Texas border to [More]
Episode 5 – “The most beautiful beaches in the world” We take it slow in the smallest country of Central America. With perfect waves for surfing and ideallic palm trees and other backpackers we take [More]
In 2015 we set out to travel through Central America on motor bikes. A stupid idea really as we both do not ride motor bikes. 2 years later we can finally see the funny side [More]
We have been asked a lot what our biggest mistakes are…well there have been a few and we share them all with you here. It’s embarrassing to make mistakes but it happens and although we [More]
Backpacked across Central America this summer with G adventures, hitting up Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica! This is just the start of the big adventure that is yet to come. Shot on [More]
Guatemala and Honduras are deploying more soldiers to prevent migrants from trekking north to the U.S., amid growing desperation among those seeking to cross and signs of new caravans forming. Subscribe: Reuters brings you [More]
My backpacking trip to Central America Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama. ✦✦SUBSCRIBE✦✦ I will be posting more videos! Thanks for watching =) ————————————- ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦FOLLOW ME:✦✦✦✦✦✦✦ INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: ✦✦✦SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL:✦✦✦✦ YOUTUBE: [More]
US immigration policies have led to tighter border controls across Central America. But that does not seem to be discouraging those who are determined to make the journey. And despite efforts by regional governments to [More]
In which John Green teaches you about railroads, and some of the ways they changed the world, and how they were a sort of microcosm for the Industrial Revolution as a whole. Prior to the [More]
The remote Darien Gap cuts across Central America, serving as a critical but perilous path for migrants desperate to make the journey to North America. Many people fleeing poverty, persecution and violence feel it’s their [More]
While some Central American migrants in El Arenal wait for rides by the side of a highway to continue their journey north to the United States, some others board buses and trucks in the central [More]
This Is A long time dream about traveling through central america. This is the first video to a lot more to come of the Journey Into And Through Central America.
A Solo-Traveler’s Guide To: Central America is the 2nd episode to my travel series. With a clearer vision, this video is a little more polished than the first one but still has the wondrous feel [More]
Migrants go on a very difficult journey to get to the USA. In this video, I’ll show you the last stage of getting over the Rio Grande River and explain what happens, when they get [More]
For decades migrants from Central America have fled their homes from corruption, crime, poverty and violence to seek a better life in the United States. One of the major causes of such strife? The Cold [More]
Swedish-American pianist Martin Soderberg takes us on an exciting musical adventure performing a selection of seldom played piano gems by composers from The Caribbean, Central and South America. The itinerary includes stops in Haiti, Jamaica, [More]
Police in Guatemala have broken up a group of thousands of migrants from central America who are trying to reach the United States. Officers used batons and shields to force the migrants back towards the [More]
Migrant caravan departs for U.S., clash with Central American forces Global Tour Colombia welcomes its guests! Find out more about Global InterGold Latin America events! Global Tour 2016 is marching along countries and continents! The splendid Global InterGold Colombia conference attracted hundreds of participant [More]
Hundreds of Africans are joining Central American migrants on the long, dangerous journey for seeking asylum in the US. One family shares their experience after fleeing the Democratic Republic of Congo through South America. (July [More]
Here’s a little summary of my journey across Central America and Mexico. Unfortunately the usage of my drone in Central America was very limited because of Nicaragua security regulations and the short time spent overall [More]
We explore the mountains of Nicaragua and Honduras while traveling across Central America in travel vlog episode 70. The national parks of Honduras are some of the most well established and maintained that we’ve seen, [More]