OI Armchair Travelers Central Asia: A Journey Through Time

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Social distancing have you hungry for world travel? Join OI tour leader Gil Stein from the comfort of your home as he guides you through an exploration of The Silk Road. Central Asia: A Journey Through Time, takes you through Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, to explore the lasting impact that the Silk Road had on both the region and the world.

The OI Armchair Travelers series is designed to give you a taste of OI tours. Led by academics, OI tours bring you up close to the ancient world. Traveling with the OI gives you unparalleled behind the scenes access, and the opportunity to experience the sites while examining current fieldwork. To learn more about upcoming OI tours, visit: https://oi.uchicago.edu/programs-even…

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Please excuse the audio and video, this podcast was recorded at-home.

2020, Oriental Institute
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