Orient Express ASMR Volume 2 – Train – A Journey from Istanbul to Paris 1930 in a Cozy Cabin

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Orient Express ASMR Volume 2 – A Journey From Istanbul to Paris 1930 in a Cozy Cabin

Enjoy this relaxing train sounds for sleeping with rain and a nice look to the full monn. The perfect ASMR ambient noise for deep sleep and relaxation.

Just after midnight, you traveling with the Orient Express. The luxurious train is surprisingly full for the time of the year and you are in a cozy cabin and enjoying you journey from Istanbul to Paris with a beautiful look through the window.
During your journey you can hear the howling wind and the sound of the train. You are calmed and reading one of the Detective Brunetti novels that all take place in Venice.

Hope you enjoy it!

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► Creation of this Video / Ambience:

All of our content including the Scenario, Greenscreen Animation and Audio are completely original resulting in weeks of preparation and hard work.

I create my videos with Blender, Affinity Photo/Photoshop and Premiere Pro. It is a lot of work to create an animated video, because you need at least three software.
First you need a lot of software skills to create the furniture in 3D. After creating and texturing the 3D-models with Blender you need to render this scene and edit it with e.g. Affinity Photo or Photoshop to optimize the light effects.
In the last part you add with a video-editing software some effects to make this scene “alive”.


Software used:
– Blender 2.8
– Affinity Photo
– Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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